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Discovery: Beautiful Petoskey,Michigan

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

This Hidden Gem of the Midwest is nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan.

For me, the initial sense, when stepping out of the car in Petoskey, was a feeling of drinking a large crystal clear cold glass of water filled with ice, refreshing my body and the air was revitalizing to my soul.

So why Petoskey? Our dear friends Faith and Jason! Faith was born and raised in Petoskey and it's where she met Jason. Over the years she told us stories about the people, places and things she had experienced while living there and surrounding area.. Listening to her stories and the sheer joy and excitement while telling each story intrigued me. Mike and I would always tell both of them, one day we'll come visit.

Our friends moved last year out of state, we wanted to see them and a Summer trip to Northern Michigan sounded like a wonderful way to get together~ so off we went on a 2,240 mile round trip to Petoskey!

The weather was absolutely perfect, a nice change from home where temperatures were 104.

There was so much to do and with only four days we saw only a glimpse of this beautiful town but trust me our days were fun filled and full. We'll recap some points of interest.

Kicked off the visit with a boat tour,, highly recommend hopping on Stafford's Pointer Boat tour, in picturesque town of Harbor Springs. Captain Dave and First Mate provided information on the history and sites from the Harbor. Nothing like feeling the breeze blow across your face to get out of ones head and into the heart and living life. Hint: Make a reservation for after the boat tour at the Stafford' Pier Restaurant! Excellent menu selection, service and over all relaxing vibe for a memorable evening with friends and family,

Petoskey has so much to offer:

  • Natural beauty, crystal clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. Petoskey Stone~ Michigan's state stone, stone beaches stretching from Traverse City to Petoskey along Lake Michigan. Yes, a Petoskey Stone is now part of our decor at home!

  • Outdoor Activities: Simply enjoy the natural beauty, hiking, biking, fishing and boating. Winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe and snowmobiling!

  • Historic Downtown: Small town charm at it's finest, elegant, beautiful, architecture showcasing a blend of Victorian, Gothic and Italianate styles. Beautiful flower baskets and hanging planters adorn the streets, Stroll down the Gaslight District, gas lamps that still illuminate the streets while exploring the local shops and locally-owned restaurants. The sound of horse-drawn carriages brings full circle the feeling of stepping back in time, a sense of community, slower lifestyle, less traffic, buildings with character and history. A community where everyone knows local families, help each other while still being connected to the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

  • Local Shops- many owned for generations, greet customers as they enter, have unique and quality items and of course plenty of home town favorites. Kilwins or Murdick's fudge, ice cream and many other local favorite shops. I enjoyed all the shops I visited however the one shop I totally enjoyed was Rocking Horse Toy Company, selection of toys from past generations, current toys and fabulous customer service. Gift wrapping was offered without asking and the entire staff was happy to be there and were helpful in my search for a special little boy gift.

  • Restaurant: The four of us like to eat, so the place where Faith would tell us stories took place at Mitchell's Street pub known as "The Pub". Of course we had to go and hang out. Their claim to fame is the best jukebox north of the 45th Parallel. Walking in from the back entrance was like walking back into my young adult days of meeting friends after work to relax, share the stories of the day and grab some food. The decor? Let's say you could spend days exploring the walls, fits the vibe of the place, loved it. Tables filled with locals and part-time locals, the bar was the place to be... John and Owen provided excellent service they kept the food and beverages flowing while providing great conversation to all who were hanging at the bar. I wanted to try several menu items, so Mike and I ordered so we could taste test just a sampling of the offerings. Recommend the Onion Rings, made fresh daily, the Reuben, any of the burgers- they are juicy delicious, Grilled Cheese-the white chili and Molten Dark Chocolate Cake for desert. A must stop when visiting Petoskey!

I have saved the best for last, as to what made our journey to Petoskey so special with Faith and Jason. So what is it? The People of Petoskey!

  • Welcoming, Friendly and genuine Hospitality- Make you feel at home from hi, my name is--

  • Strong Sense of Community - pride in their history, town which shows during the holiday parade and festivals.

  • Deep appreciation for the outdoors and nature- keeping the land pristine and healthy

  • Strong work ethic-dedication whether that be their own business, farming or a career in town. Faith introduced us to her sister (the oldest ), her and her husband have a farm.The day Mike and I were introduced to them they had just come in from baling hay! A joy to finally meet them both, speaking of Hospitality, after a full day of them working, they apologized for not having anything to eat!! Seriously? I would be totally wiped out after baling hay! However, she did bring out homemade chocolate chip cookies! Amazing cookies, so delicious got me thinking we should have desert first from now on!

  • Mike and I were introduced to and met so many wonderful people on our visit. Too many to mention, but forever grateful for our connection, your kindness, generosity and hospitality.

Faith and Jason, thank you for sharing your hometown, an unforgettable experience that has stolen our hearts.


  1. Rocking Horse Toy Company- 201 Howard Street

  2. Mitchell Street Pub- "The Pub": 426 E Mitchell Street:

  3. Kilwins - 315 Howard Street -

  4. J. W. Filmore's Family Restaurant - great breakfast! 906 Spring Street

  5. Bob's Place - 7515 Us-31 Alanson, MI www.

photo credit: Mike Lake

Mitchell Street pub-

photo credit: Mike Lake


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