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Chance Encounter

There are many stories and movies portraying a decision or a singular event that changes the trajectory of one's life. The stories are entertaining and allow for the imagination to flow, knowing that such an encounter would not be realistic. What if such events are available to all of us?

Personally encountered such a series of events thirty years ago, before enlightenment- not fully present or an understanding how things currently are or could be. Here's a quick true to life event.

I was living in Washington, DC area working for an International Company, in a marketing role.

There was a conference in San Diego, CA that I was required to attend. I really didn't want to attend, as my role required extensive travel and I was ready for some downtime. However, not attending wasn't an option. So off to San Diego I went with a colleague.

The first evening, there was a "New Comers" cocktail reception, time to meet greet and network with prospects from around the country. The time finally came when it was appropriate to leave the event, when all of a sudden approached by two attendees who introduced themselves. They were from Miami, FL, nice enough, but not even a little bit interested in prolonging my time at the event. However, I was asked what I was drinking, I said club soda with lemon, one of the attendees, Mike went and refreshed my drink. What I got was a club soda with lime, just how my day had been going. I went with it, made small talk and excused myself.

Over the next four days, our paths crossed, even after I had turned down an invitation to join Mike and his friend for an off site event. There were many out of the way connections and crossing that couldn't be ignored. Finally decided to go with the flow and learn who this person was, why our paths kept crossing. This was a challenge for me, as I was not remotely interested in more friends or a relationship at that time. For the remaining two days of the conference, four of us attended sessions and cocktail hours as comrades in networking! Note: the conference attendees were all married couples, so the four of us hanging with each other helped get the conversations we needed.

Day of departure, said our goodbyes and headed to airport, knowing we wouldn't be seeing each other again. Sitting at the bar waiting for the flight, all of a sudden Mike shows up, sits down and says, here's my number, give me a call.. My colleague smiled and said, "I told you he'd come back".

Fast forward, several weeks later, materials from the conference arrived, and seeing the recap of the event, put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Feelings that I hadn't felt in many years, as work and building a career was my priority. I went to look for Mike's phone number, then realized I had thrown it out as I had too much on my plate, besides he lived in Miami and I was in DC.

Two days later, I get a call from a number I don't recognize, I let it go to voice mail. Later that evening I listen to all my voicemail messages, low and behold, the unknown number was Mike.

He had received the same materials from the conference and wanted to connect.

His message invited me to meet him in Dallas, TX for a horse show. I remember laughing to myself, there is no way I am going to fly to Dallas and meet an almost stranger for the weekend.

As the week went by, kept thinking about chance encounters, why did our paths consistency cross, how easily our conversations flowed. Am I missing something, perhaps an opportunity? I decided to return his call and ask if the offer to meet him was still good ? It was, and two weeks later, met in Fort Worth, for a horse show, met all his friends participating in the show and learned so much more about the man, who four years later would be my amazing husband and friend.

Was it a risk? I know my sister and friends thought so, but I was willing, not sure why, to take that risk. I followed my intuition, heart and soul and the reward has been flowing blessings.

Two individuals who meet thousands of miles away from home, took a chance to explore what might be with no expectations. A chance encounter, we have said, Angels and Magic Dust brought us together.

Our story has many chapters, but this is the story that started it all. Our motto: "Together for the Long Haul"...

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