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The Magic of Listening!

Let's take a moment to reflect on something that is meaningful to our family, friends and people around us. It can actually be magical and inspiring!

Our days are fast paced, most if not all are multi-tasking and thinking of the next thing that needs to get done or where we need to be next throughout our day. It's easy to get caught up in our head space, thoughts, schedules, activities and many other distractions.

Today, I'd like for us to pause and want to encourage all of us to embrace the incredible power of listening when people speak to us. All of us "hear" others speaking, but are we fully present to listen to what is being said? Often after a visit with someone or conversation, a day or week later when the same topic or question comes up we hear, I didn't know that or when did that happen?

Listening is far greater than "hearing" the words someone says. Listening is about being fully engaged, providing undivided attention, making eye contact while creating a safe space. Listening to learn more about the topic, person, build a deeper connection and perhaps learn something along the way that might be beneficial in our life.

We can learn from one another, trust me I know I do not know everything! I'm always interested in other points of view, how other overcome challenges, celebrate life events and adventures that have been experienced. I find it's an opportunity for richer relationships, a deeper connection and understanding. Listening allows for all of us to grow while supporting and providing a safe space for those around us.

Mike and I have been making a conscious effort to be better listeners to those around us.. How? phones are on silence and put out of sight, no computer, no wandering eyes, eye

contact with the person speaking. Courage to ask open-ended questions to gain a better understanding.

"Listening is a bridge that can bring hearts closer, learn new things, support each other"

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