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Life Changing Event(s)

Everyone has life changing events, some internal, some external changes.

Each change brings about new experiences, perhaps places to live, new people in our lives, a new career, loss of a family member or friend.

Then there are life changing events that rock core beliefs, bring a balanced life into an unknown sense of instability.

Our life changes for 19 years were mostly subtle and evolution of life changes. Changes included career changes, loss of family members, move to new state, opportunity to start a business.

A mixture of internal changes and external changes all of which we were able to adjust.

So What and Why Doublestixs?

The What: As a child living in rural western Pennsylvania, our playground included woods, trails and using our imaginations to fill up our day. One of those activities was balancing on big tree logs that fell over the years. There were times that balancing on those trunks was challenging, but with the help of body balance and a stick in each hand, able to make it to the end of the trunk!

Thus Doublestixs! Ability to balance self through all things while seeing each event through a different perspective.

The Why? Personal experiences in navigating life changes prompted me to write the book Doublestixs: The Nourishment and Gift of Change.

Prior to Doublestixs, created Time for Me Now, a place for inspiration, life coaching while providing tools and messages to support taking better care of ourselves and others.

Time for Me Now provided a sense of familiarity and process for which to navigate the Life changing event that was to occur seven years later.

A Life Changing event, that at the time was catastrophic, changed our lives, rocked our way of life, found ourselves in unchartered territory.

This life event changed our world and lives forever and for the better. Not realizing it in the beginning but through the journey forever positively changed.

An event that opened our eyes and hearts to seeing life, external signs, synchronicities and the importance of living life and finding joy in the journey. The book is and was written to support others who may need to see an event or anything in life from a different perspective. Sharing of personal experiences and resources to navigate through Change! Confidence, Healing,Alignment, Navigating, Gratitude and Emerging!

Stepping out to share stories through travel, relationships, personal experiences, life synchronicities along with signs and yes a bit of numerology!

Now that the What and Why is addressed, let's start the journey!

If interested, book is available through Amazon: Cynthia Terwilliger Lake

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